KC's Pick Lip Gloss (LG182-B)

$1.99 per item

KCís Pick lip-gloss moisturizes and adds soft
glitter and shine to lips with the extra care
of Shea Butter. Wear over favorite lipstick to
give it and extra glossy look or wear alone
for hint of color and dazzling shine.

Morning  Glory

1 Shine
Naked  Truth

2 Sparkle
Ambrosia  Gold

3 Flirtatious
First  Impression

4 Bloom
Lover  Bait

5 Golden
Hidden  Lust

6 Peachy
Hidden  Lust

7 Adore
Hidden  Lust

8 Royal
Hidden  Lust

9 Elegance
Hidden  Lust

10 Tulip
Hidden  Lust

11 Allure