Beauty Garden Lip Gloss (LG216)

$2.99 per item

Beauty Garden Lip Gloss provides beautiful colors and shimmers to bare lips or any lipstick you wish to lavish up! Rich formula comes in a pretty component with an easy-to-apply sponge applicator for that perfect finish everytime!

Morning  Glory

1 Clear Spark
Naked  Truth

2 Sparkling Calla
Ambrosia  Gold

3 Wisteria Shine
First  Impression

4 Daisy Spark
Lover  Bait

5 Passion Rose
Hidden  Lust

6 Victorian Taupe
Hidden  Lust

7 Iceland Poppy
Hidden  Lust

8 Lily Vixen
Hidden  Lust

9 Fierce Orchid
Hidden  Lust

10 Amaryllis Glow
Hidden  Lust

11 Rose Power
Hidden  Lust

12 Antique Rose