Loveville Super Shine Lip Gloss Duo (LG218-A)

$2.99 per item

Create the appearance of fuller lips with sheer
lip-gloss or add a dash of color and shimmer for
that extra dazzling smile. Loveville Supershine
Lipgloss Duo provides both sheer and shimmer
formula that can be worn alone or over your
favorite lipstick for the perfect glossy finish!

Morning  Glory

1 Sweet Escape
Naked  Truth

2 Sweet Home
Ambrosia  Gold

3 Dwelling Love
First  Impression

4 Meet Me Here
Lover  Bait

5 This Moment
Hidden  Lust

6 Candy Kisses
Hidden  Lust

7 In Love
Hidden  Lust

8 Adoration
Hidden  Lust

9 Keeps Sake
Hidden  Lust

10 Live, Love
Hidden  Lust

11 Stolen Kiss
Hidden  Lust

12 Sweet Delights