Brand New Me High Shimmer Gloss (LG219-A)

$1.99 per item

Glaze lips with color, shine and shimmer that adds volume to lips without the sticky or tacky feeling, Instantly transform lips with glistening shimmer that adds natural volume to lips for fuller looking pouts!

Morning  Glory

1 Intrigue
Naked  Truth

2 Flushed
Ambrosia  Gold

3 Devotion
First  Impression

4 Happy Me
Lover  Bait

5 Irresistible
Hidden  Lust

6 Beloved
Hidden  Lust

7 Entice
Hidden  Lust

8 Tickled
Hidden  Lust

9 Flirt
Hidden  Lust

10 Fierce
Hidden  Lust

11 Audacious
Hidden  Lust

12 Treasured