Luxe Lips Glossy Gloss (LG228-A)

$1.99 per item

Luxe Lips lip gloss adds shimmer and natural volume to lips for a truly stunning pout, instantly transforming natural lips with glistening colors that can be worn alone or over your favorite lipstick for the perfect glossy finish!

Morning  Glory

1 Symphony
Naked  Truth

2 Cocktail
Ambrosia  Gold

3 Whisper
First  Impression

4 Centerfold
Lover  Bait

5 Starlight
Hidden  Lust

6 Starbright
Hidden  Lust

7 Greed
Hidden  Lust

8 Hope
Hidden  Lust

9 Lavish
Hidden  Lust

10 Star Lover
Hidden  Lust

11 Shine on
Hidden  Lust

12 Shimmer Me