Diamond Gloss (LG310)

$1.99 per item

The radiant glitter glow of Diamond Gloss intensifies your lip color and makes it sparkle. Comes in 12 luscious flavors that give an extra dose of pleasure.

Carat  Crush

94G Carat Crush
Baby  Kiss

104 Baby Kiss
Crystal  Pink

96 Crystal Pink
Blushing  Lilac

95 Blushing Lilac
Juicy  Violet

97 Juicy Violet
Fancy  Allure

101 Fancy Allure
Barbie  Pink

100 Barbie Pink
Tainted  Love

99 Tainted Love
Bitten  Love

103 Bitten Love
Dazzle  Passion

98 Dazzle Passion
Dolce  Kiss

102 Dolce Kiss