Fusion (LG311)

$1.99 per item

Get ready for high shine impact that KleanColorís Fusion lip gloss will give you with a hint of luscious flavor. It keeps your lips looking and feeling soft, supple, and sensual all day.

Cloud  Nine

01 Cloud Nine
Crystal  Flake

02 Crystal Flake
Baby  Tutu

03 Baby Tutu
Sweet  Pink

04 Sweet Pink
Queen  Bee

05 Queen Bee
Mauve  Berry

06 Mauve Berry
Pink  Ruby

07 Pink Ruby
Berry  Love

08 Berry Love
Dazzle  Passion

09 Dazzle Passion
Dolce  Kiss

10 Dolce Kiss
Antique  Rose

11 Antique Rose
Mystique  Lover

12 Mystique Lover