Jumbo Twist Stick (JTS106)

$1.99 per item

Two-in-one eyeshadow and liner pencil with a high pigment, non-greasy and creamy formula. Its smooth texture effortlessly lines the eyes and, by smudging immediately after applying to the lid, it can double as a pigment-rich shadow.

Cream  Blue

117 Cream Blue
Cream  Purple

118 Cream Lilac
Cream  Pink

119 Cream Pink
Cream  Purple

120 Cream Purple
Cream  Brown

121 Cream Brown
Cream  Silver

122 Cream Silver
Cream  Charcoal

123 Cream Charcoal
Cream  Aqua

124 Cream Aqua
Cream  Na

125 Cream Navy
Cream  Nude

126 Cream Nude
Cream  Green

127 Cream Green
Cream  Black

128 Cream Black